Kover Green™

Cartridges Recycling Program

How it works

We would like to sincerely thank you for your use of NUtec® products.

In recognition of your loyalty and joining us in helping the environment, from the moment of enrollment into our NU Recycling Program your company will accumulate points by returning your empty ink cartridges. All you simply do is collect and return them to us at NUtec® Digital Ink USA in our Miami Headquarters. The cartridges are to be returned in sets of 20*. It’s that simple! For every empty cartridge that is returned we will award your account 1 point. These points will accumulate and you will be able to redeem items from our online store!

Additionally, you can also earn points by any of the following:

Earn Points:

- Empty cartridges

- Converted Referrals

- Testimonial

- Printer Maintenance Receipt

Points can be redeemed for the following as soon as you reach the number of points needed for the prize:

Redeem Points:

- Ink cartridges

- Epson® DX4 Print Head

- Epson® DX5 Print Head

- Epson® DX7 Print Head

- OEM DX4 Damper

- OEM DX5 Damper

- OEM DX7 Damper

- OEM DX4 Cap

- OEM DX5 Cap

- OEM DX7 Cap

- OEM DX4 Wiper

- OEM DX5 Wiper

- OEM DX7 Wiper

*We cover the UPS® shipping cost of the empty cartridges in sets of 20 that are sent back to us and you cover the shipping of your redeemed prize!

Register and set up your account today at www.nutecrp.com !!!

We look forward to working together and making a difference in the environment!